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Jian-no-Yoshiaki-no-Kami, "Yoshi-Sensei"


For the purposes of Court Rituals, his Kanji is "Smile"



Said to be the reincarnation of Yoshikata, an Ascetic Monk of Srenkara and the Abbot of a Shinto Monastery who reached Enlightenment and become a Kami after his death.        
He came into being in Human Form upon the isle of Keshi at approximately the time of the rebirth of the Celestial Dragon. He has few personal memories beyond ancient scripts and customs, possibly due to his being from the early times of the 5 Emperors.
There are shrines to him at his old monastery, and in the homes of his familial descendants. His initial purpose was working to spread and increase the influence of his descendant clan and of his religious followers.
In life Yoshikata was a disciplined, martial man who led a strict, ordered life of fighting and fasting.                                
As a Kami, Jian-no-Yoshiaki is softer, inquisitive, meditative and philosophical; kindly to most, but capricious and capable of great cruelty. He still considers himself unused to life as an inhuman being.
His Mantra is "Find Sanctuary in the Wonderous Law of the Universe" "Nam Myoho Renge kYo"                                
His teachings were and are that all have their own path to enlightenment, that the possibility of enlightenment is a fundamental of the universe. That anyone's spirit can attain it by their own path.

While others have faith in him, he in turn has put his faith in Hachiman, the God of Generals and Honourable Combat.                                
He has found his fate entwined with a court of an Oni, and a unity of purpose in the service of the Celestial Dragon.                                
His inner flame was ignited by the Power of the God Thor of the Fenris Isles.                                
He gave up his Empathy as his greatest Strength in a Ritual in Frontier, and now relies on Respect, Hospitality and Tradition to maintain both his friendships and his self identity as a source of counsel, a difficult struggle with regard to those who have Thunderese Honour, and those who don’t.


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