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History of Archipelago

Page history last edited by Paradox 2 years ago

The main history of Archipelago lies in the history of Whitewater, the island at the end of the Rat Run. This was, for many years, the domain of the pirate group the Sea Beggars and ruled by Admiral Steiner. Steiner was a horror-possessed pirate, who dealt harshly with all those that lived in Archipelago. He was eventually killed for the benefit of all and what was left of the Sea beggars became the Crimson Brotherhood. Along with Triads they ruled for a while until the Guilds gradually established control and a sort of order.


Little if anything is known of the time before Admiral Steiner, although it appears he was around for more than a few centuries.


A few decades before AU0 the Jade Empire of the Thunders tried to invade Archipelago setting up first the Island of Jade which is now the Court of the Water of Dragon. The main port is still called the Port of Jade, some names do not die easily. The Jade Empire failed to accurately assess the resolve of the Guilds and the seafaring skills of the Archipelagan people.


Just before AU 0, the date the worlds came together to form one world known as The Shards World, the Shard of Union crashed into Archipelago sinking many of the Fenris Isles and killing many with a great tidal wave. Those that could, fled and became a refugee population.


As the world recovered and settled, some of the Fenris islands have emerged from the deep and been repopulated.


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