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Places of Interest

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The Noodle Lady’s Tavern

The Noodle Lady’s Tavern has doors to many places, including other worlds and realms. However, unless the Noodle Lady allows it, you can only leave by the door you entered through. The Tavern can only be found when it wants to be found and the Noodle Lady is not to trifled with. She may appear to you as diminutive, old oriental lady but she is much, much more than that.




Thorn Castle

Thorn Castle can be found in the hills above Ravensburg in Salem... when it is there that is. For this castle can travel to other places, controlled by its bizarre technomancy. The castle is dangerous and dwells mostly in the Netherworld so not all of its denizens are even of the mortal plane.


Thorn Castle was a location in the netherworld that was a non-static point in space and time. It contained strange research and items and nearly everyone who went there was driven insane. When part of the Netherworld was effectively destroyed at the Union of the Shards in 0AU Thorn Castle was also destroyed, flying out of control and breaking up.

It is thought that the strange substance known as voidstones are pieces of Thorn Castle, though whether or not this is true is unknown.


However an earlier version of the Castle was recently encountered, shortly after it was stolen by Captain Morgan Toleco.





Lost home of the Roma. Once all Roma freely travelled to Kintala. But when the worlds united and the Netherworld access was shut off, Kintala was lost along with all the Roma who were there at the time with them. Access is now possible again but the Roma have proclaimed, for the good of the world, that Roma must not look for it. They hope Kintala will find them so the Netherworld does not need to be searched at the risk of finding Horrors first.


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